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Mark Anthony

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Mark Anthony began his career in the high tech sector in 1990. His success came at an early age in leading analyst and market research firms where he learned to perfect his skills with industry leaders.

He became an expert in consulting, business strategy and marketing, while empowering his clients to meet their business objectives. He formed strategic executive level relationships with companies including Microsoft, HP, Intel, Cisco, EMC, and Sybase. Mark has advised and consulted for many companies of all stages on raising capital, sales training, business planning and market positioning. Most recently, he founded a financial services company that raised over 350K and became profitable within the first year. He has since sold his interest.

Mark has always had a passion for US History and politics. At age eight he would read Time Magazine cover to cover and hold kitchen table discussions with his family. He has been involved in politics for over 15 years as both a volunteer and paid staff for many campaigns and organizations raising money and creating events for fundraising and messaging purposes. He has also been the Campaign Manager for two Congressional campaigns.

Mark believes he has found his calling as co-host of “The Patriot and The Preacher”.


Pastor Mark Burns

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Pastor Mark Burns, labeled by Time Magazine as "Donald Trump's Top Pastor" is the Co-Founder & CEO of The NOW Television Network, a Christian Cable television network based out of South Carolina that reaches 15 Million Homes in US & CANADA on digital television, ROKU & online at theNOWnetwork.org.

Pastor Burns has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Al Jazeera-America, BBC, ABC News, CBS & National Public Radio (NPR). Many articles have been written about Pastor Mark Burns' ventures including Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo News, Bloomberg News, Vice News and others...

Pastor Burns' experience in TV broadcast speaks for itself as he is the Creator, Executive Producer and Host of Lift Your Voice Gospel Show that currently airs to more than 65 Million Homes on The Impact Network, Directv ch. 380, Dish ch. 268, Comcast Cable ch. 400, Cable Bahamas ch. 661, ROKU and online at watchimpact.com.

Pastor Burns is a renowned motivational speaker that has energized audiences across the country with stories that inspire greatness out of anyone listening just like his "All Lives Matter" Speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention which has inspired the world.

Pastor Burns along with his wife Tomarra Burns is the Founder and Senior Pastor of multicultural, non- denominational contemporary church The Harvest Praise & Worship Center of Easley. Together they have six(6) children.


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