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Mark Anthony

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Born in upstate New York, Mark was fortunate to be raised in the San Francisco Bay Area during the high tech boom and began his career with the analyst firm Giga Information Group working with C-level executives at brands such as Microsoft, HP, Intel, Apple, Cisco, EMC, and Oracle. After 2 years as Giga’s number one sales exec Mark Anthony felt a pull towards his first love - love of country with its rough and tumble politics and became a fundraiser, bundler and campaign manager for two congressional races.

In January 2013, Anthony single handedly launched The Patriot and The Preacher, a one hour weekly radio broadcast he co-hosted with the late Ben Kinchlow, former co-host of the 700 Club. The show’s unique format; a place where politics and religion mixed, coupled with Mark’s engaging interviews and Ben’s great wisdom, the show was an instant hit with listeners and sponsors expanding from one station to 53 outlets in just four years.

The Patriot and The Preacher welcomed over 700 guests including; then candidate, President Donald Trump, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Franklin Graham, Dr. Alveda King, Pastor Greg Laurie, Kelly Ann Conway, Senator Mike Lee, Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, The Oak Ridge Boys, Brian Kilmeade, Charlie Kirk, then Congressman Mark Meadows and Pat Boone. During the 2016 election, Mark led an evangelical funded bus tour throughout the battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio in support of the Trump/Pence campaign.

The Patriot and the Preacher has been on hiatus as Mark mourned the loss of his co-host; the talented and devoted man of God, Ben Kinchlow and searched for the right replacement. Mark is ready to relaunch the broadcast on over 60 stations with a gifted seasoned broadcaster dedicated to spreading the gospel, Todd Coconato of Nashville. Patriot Mark Anthony believes it is no accident he was introduced to Todd Coconato who will take over the cohost seat of Preacher. The show will air its first broadcast on Saturday May 9. For details, a list of stations and on air times check



Pastor Todd Coconato

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Pastor Todd Coconato has served as an industry leader in marketplace ministry for 21+ years working with Fortune 500 companies including Macy’s, Calvin Klein (PVH), Petco, and DSW. One of his core competencies is to develop leadership coaching programs and company growth initiatives.

From 2011-2014 he hosted the radio show “Hollywood Alive” on Salem Communications flagship station KKLA interviewing faith-based guests including Alveda King, Gretchen Carlson, Michael W. Smith, Kevin (Hercules) Sorbo and his wife Sam, Michele Bachmann and Toby Mac.

He graduated from Kings College and Seminary, Van Nuys CA. and is a licensed and ordained minister. He has served as an Executive Pastor at Leaves of Healing Church in Chatsworth, Ca. for the past 16 years. He regularly appears in the media, speaks at conferences, churches and faith-based events. Pastor Todd has also been a faith advisor serving as campaign manager for two congressional races, consults state and local candidates on faith-based initiatives and is holding seminars this election season inspiring congregations to “vote our values”. This year Coconato has been working with the Trump administration’s faith-based team to help organize and spiritually advise on various issues.

First time parents Todd and his wife Michelle recently welcomed their daughter Gia, who is a treasure to them both! Todd is fervently praying for revival—preaching and teaching the full bible and standing boldly for God’s word in 2020! You can also keep up with Pastor Todd’s schedule and other key events at www.ToddCoconato.com.


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