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Author of "90 Minutes in Heaven"

Don Piper pursued a calling that he had on his life since adolescence and became an ordained Christian minister. During his service as a pastor, in fact on his way to church January 18 1989 a semi-tractor truck crushed his car and Don Piper died – he was declared dead by the first rescue worker to arrive on the scene. Another pastor who was on that lonely highway behind him, felt called by God to pray over Don's dead body and did so for ninety minutes. Don’s body lay under a tarp for the next 90 minutes while Don’s soul was experiencing love, joy, and life like he’d never known before. Don was in heaven. Others who were told of the accident, but not of Don's death, also prayed. After an hour and a half, as the pastor prayed over Don's lifeless body, Don began to sing a song! Prayers helped bring Don back to life and he became a living miracle!

Don Piper returned from the gates of Heaven to endure 13 excruciating months of hospitalization, 34 major surgeries, including some never before attempted in the United States, and years of painful therapy and rehabilitation. With the support and prayers of his beloved Eva, their three kids, and friends near and far, Don clung to his faith in God and fought to regain a semblance of his life. He now shares his incredible lessons of answered prayer, miracles, overcoming tragedy, pain and loss, and the reality of Heaven.

Eva Piper is a media personality, speaker and author with a unique insight into the trials of heartache and the triumph of overcoming. Her new book “A Walk Through The Dark” is the story of a woman learning, step by darkened step, to go places she never thought she could go and grow into a person she never thought she could be.

Don Piper is known around the world as, "The Minister of Hope” and sold over 7 million copies of his New York Times Bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven. He has also founded a non-profit to channel revenues from book sales and speaking income to help over 40 ministries here and abroad. Don and Eva have been married for 42 years live in Pasadena, Texas and are the parents of three children, a daughter Nicole and twin sons, Chris and Joe. Eva and Don also have two grandchildren, Carlee and Will.

90 Minutes in Heaven in theaters now is a true story where hope lives. Michael Polish directs this inspiring tale starring Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth Dwight Yoakam, Michael W Smith and Fred Thompson.



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